Class Phalcon\Websocket\Client

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 $client = new Phalcon\Websocket\Client('', 8080);
 $client->on(Phalcon\Websocket\Client::ON_ACCEPT, function($client, $conn){
     echo 'Accept'.PHP_EOL;
 $client->on(Phalcon\Websocket\Client::ON_CLOSE, function(){
     echo 'Close'.PHP_EOL;
 $client->on(Phalcon\Websocket\Client::ON_DATA, function($client, $conn){
     echo 'Data'.PHP_EOL;


integer ON_ACCEPT

integer ON_CLOSE

integer ON_DATA

integer ON_TICK


public __construct (string $host, [int $port], [unknown $path])

Phalcon\Websocket\Client constructor

public on (unknown $event, unknown $callback)

Register a callback for specified event

public connect ([unknown $accept], [unknown $close], [unknown $data], [unknown $tick])

Establish connection with remote server

public send (unknown $text)

Send data to the client

public sendJson (unknown $payload)

Send data to the client as JSON string

public isConnected ()

Check is connection is established

public disconnect ()

Close connection to the client