Interface Phalcon\DiInterface

extends ArrayAccess

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Phalcon\DiInterface initializer


abstract public Phalcon\Di\ServiceInterface set (string $name, mixed $definition, [boolean $shared])

Registers a service in the service container

abstract public remove (string $name)

Removes a service from the service container

abstract public object get (string $name, [array $parameters], [boolean $noError], [unknown $noerror])

Resolves the service based on its configuration

abstract public object getShared (string $name, [array $parameters], [boolean $noError])

Resolves a shared service based on their configuration

abstract public Phalcon\Di\ServiceInterface setService (string $name, Phalcon\Di\ServiceInterface $rawDefinition)

Sets a service using a raw Phalcon\Di\Service definition

abstract public Phalcon\Di\ServiceInterface getService (string $name)

Returns the corresponding Phalcon\Di\Service instance for a service

abstract public boolean has (string $name)

Check whether the DI contains a service by a name

abstract public boolean wasFreshInstance ()

Check whether the last service obtained via getShared produced a fresh instance or an existing one

abstract public array getServices ()

Return the services registered in the DI

abstract public static setDefault (Phalcon_DiInterface $dependencyInjector)

Set the default dependency injection container to be obtained into static methods

abstract public static Phalcon_DiInterface getDefault ()

Return the last DI created

abstract public static reset ()

Resets the internal default DI

abstract public offsetExists (unknown $offset) inherited from ArrayAccess


abstract public offsetGet (unknown $offset) inherited from ArrayAccess


abstract public offsetSet (unknown $offset, unknown $value) inherited from ArrayAccess


abstract public offsetUnset (unknown $offset) inherited from ArrayAccess