Class Phalcon\Filter

implements Phalcon\FilterInterface

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The Phalcon\Filter component provides a set of commonly needed data filters. It provides object oriented wrappers to the php filter extension. Also allows the developer to define his/her own filters


$filter = new Phalcon\Filter();
$filter->sanitize("some(one)@exa\\", "email"); // returns ""
$filter->sanitize("hello<<", "string"); // returns "hello"
$filter->sanitize("!100a019", "int"); // returns "100019"
$filter->sanitize("!100a019.01a", "float"); // returns "100019.01"


public __construct ([array $options], [unknown $handler])

Phalcon\Filter constructor

public Phalcon\Filter add (string $name, callable $handler)

Adds a user-defined filter

public mixed sanitize (mixed $value, mixed $filters, [boolean $recursive], [array $options], [int $recursiveLevel])

Sanitizes a value with a specified single or set of filters

protected mixed _sanitize ()

Internal sanitize wrapper to filter_var

public object[] getFilters ()

Return the user-defined filters in the instance